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Business Proposal

This information is regarding you to associate our company as a franchise to start you own business. We would like to introduce our concept to you that you can start your own business having profit of 1 lakh to 5 lakh every month.
As we all know everyone at these days everyone wants to start their own business but to lack of concept and ideas people are not capable of doing so. Manthan Solutions is a BPO outsourcing organization providing franchise where you can join our company and start your own business and fulfil your dreams of holding a successful business.

Franchise Fee Rs.23600/- (18% GST Included)

You would get licence of 5 Computer Based Projects and 1 Handwriting Based Projects.
Excel Numeric, Data Typing, Excel Survey, USA EDU Form Filling and Digital Parts Form Filling @ Rs.3000/-
Manual Form Filling Projects @ Rs.3500/-
You can easily sell all project @ Rs.5000 to Rs.10000/-
Currently our franchises are selling at this rate.

For more details please contact

8582824046 (Mr. Jay Prakash)