1.      Assignment time will start from the day of allotment of selected Project. Every assignment must be completed within given time period of the selected Project strictly (including holidays).

2.      In case any Member is not able to submit the Project within given time period of the selected Project or submit the incomplete project, his/her project will be cancelled. No access shall be given to him/her to submit the Project.

3.      A pre-define system will check the accuracy of data and will notify the same as per Technical Guidelines & Error parameters.

4.      Each assignment will be followed by the deduction plan given in the form filled up by the candidate if accuracy decreases.

5.      If an applicant is not able to complete the assignments in a stipulated time or your assignments are OUT RIGHT REJECTED as per Technical Guidelines, applicant is not liable to get further assignment and application amount will be forfeited.

6.      Decision taken by Company Technical Team will be final. No dispute shall be entertained regarding certification of data. Sub-contract of Job work is strictly not permitted.

7.      Payment & assignment will be given only after received from the publisher. No advance payment will be made.

8.      We shall be interacting only with you and not to any of your representative.

9.      Once registered in member’s name, deposit is neither refundable nor transferable.

10.  Our offer is not related to employment directly or indirectly.

11.  Report will be forwarded within 10 working days after completing of every cycle. Payment made on same or next day after receiving the satisfactory report.

12.  Payment made to any agency or individual under any protest and/or agreement entered into, shall not be binding on MANTHAN SOLUTIONS under any circumstances.

13.  Any of Terms contained in term sheet can be waived at sole direction of MANTHAN SOLUTIONS.

14.  Once enrolled in applicant name, amount is neither refundable nor transferable in another name.

15.  Before leaving from doubt session clear all doubts company will not be held responsible for any misconception after leaving from doubt session.