Website development

  1. Shopping website development  
  2. Salon website development 
  3. School/College/Institute website development  
  4. E commerce website development 
  5. MLM website development 
  6. Dating website development 
  7. Social networking website development 
  8. Hospital/Nursing home/Health Care website development  
  9. Forum/Blogging/Technical Support website development  
  10. Social bookmarking website development 
  11. Religious website development 
  12. Political website development  
  13. Q/A website development  
  14. Photo Sharing website development  
  15. Micro blogging website development  
  16. Personal website development  
  17. Gaming website development  
  18. Classified ads website development  
  19. Crowdfunding website development  
  20. Celebrity website development  

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Software development

  1. Admin software development  
  2. Payroll software development  
  3. HR software development  
  4. Institute/School/college management software development 
  5. Medicine management software development 
  6. Hospital management software development  
  7. Billing software development  
  8. Other Customized software development 

Bulk sms, transactional sms, promotional sms service 

We offer all kind of sms services like:

  1. Transnational sms (will be delivered to dnd numbers also, but the template should be approved before sending)
  2. Business sms(will not be delivered to dnd numbers but you can send any kind of messages including promotional messages)

SMS Rate chart: 

Bulk sms solution

Sl No. SMS Units Price per unit(Rs.)
1 less than 50,000 00.16
2 less than 1,00,000 00.15
3 less than 200,000 00.14
4 above 2,00,000 00.13
Bulk sms, transactional sms, promotional sms service varanasi